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Thursday, August 30, 2018

How to earn in Bilmoco?

Bilmoco the newest trending digital wallet in the Philippines today.
The concept is almost the same to coins.ph and it is in pioneering stage.
Very easy to register with no i.d's and selfie needed.
Verification is so simple with your active email address.
Bilmoco is an online service platform that develop by Gosy where you can pay different type of bills such as electricity, water, telco, broadband, cable and credit cards.
You can also buy e-loads, call cards, game credits and satellite product.

How to register in Bilmoco?

Step 1: REGISTER HERE then Click Create Account
Step 2: Register with your email, password, full name and mobile number 
(Use Referral Code: 6wwvk5).
Note: Message here to guide you and add you in our GC.
Step 3: Receive a verification email. Click the verification link to activate account.
Step 4: Once done, you can now enjoy the Bilmoco services and rewards.

How to Cash In?

1. Deposit your extact amount you want to add to your wallet.

2. After you deposit, submit your proof of payment.

Step 1: Login to your Bilmoco account. Login Here
Step 2: Click "Cash In" button at the top menu.
Step 3: Select (2) Submit Payment Tab.
Step 4: Select what payment method you use to deposit your money.
Step 5: Input all the details needed and upload your proof of payment, then Submit.
Step 6: Done! Wait for your Cash In approval. It takes 12-24 hours before added to your wallet.

How to upgrade your Account?

Step 1: Login to your Bilmoco account. Login Here
Step 2: Make sure you already added P1,500 to your wallet. Click "Upgrade Account"
Step 3: Done! Congratulation your account is already upgraded for business use.

How to Earn Rewards?


Gives you the opportunity to earn P1000 from referral upgrade and P200 for every 3rd referral upgrade (3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th and so on). See figures below.Direct Reward


Gives you unlimited opportunity to earn P100 for every referral upgrade from your 2nd and 3rd level of your group.Level Reward


Gives you the opportunity to earn P300 every time your (1st level) referrals gets 3rd referral upgrade. It’s also called thank you reward from your direct referrals.Level Reward


Earn rewards from your group every time your sponsor gets 3rd referral upgrade (3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th and so on). P300 will be distributed equally to all (1st level) referrals of your sponsor.Level Reward

Earn rewards from company sales. Every referral upgrade, bills payment, eloading, and e-commerce sales in a daily basis. Bilmoco will share 10% of its income to all Upgraded or Business Account members.
Level Reward

You must login everyday to receive the reward. Reward will be distributed equally at the end of the day at 12:00AM

Bilmoco can be used for personal or even for business purposes. 
It has a reward system that will maximize your daily profit.

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