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Saturday, October 28, 2017

CoinPole Launched 1 Year

CoinPole stand and strong and celebrate its 1-year anniversary the only bitcoin social community
New bonus reward for active members.
Claim up to 50 satoshi every minute (60 seconds) to unlimited claim, it's up to you everyday.
This is a very fair game that you only have 2% chance to get 1 satoshi .
Refer and earn 3 satoshi when your referral claim every 5 minutes.

Get more bitcoins:

1. Get a reply - 1 satoshis credited

2. Add a reply - 1 satoshis credited

3. Get a Like - 1 satoshis credited

P.S If you could create high quality topic and idea, you will also get extra huge reward from admin.

Warning: Any malicious behavior for obtain satoshis is prohibited. e.g. Spam link, Meaningless topic and reply,Abuse, etc.
We have rights to judge and delete your topic.
Once your topic deleted, your reward will be cleard.

 Latest update from CoinPole:

We are testing and optimizing our new Captcha.
If you have issue about it, please report here with your specific issue.
1. Login your account without WWW
2. Don't solve captcha in Console mode (F12)
3. Refresh your page and verify again if verification failed.
4. Don't click Start button, you just need put mouse on it and you will see captcha.

You are allowed to ask, promote, and talk any ICO projects in this section.
Do not post any refer links here!


Advertise on CoinPole
Now we offer a special advertising chance on CoinPole.
The Coinpole is a bitcoin niche community, and Alexa ranking is within 10K .
We have over 130K register users and huge daily views.
You will get nice and satisfied result if you promote your bitcoin business here.

Advertising Description
Advertising Type: 468*60 banners

Placement: Your ads will be displayed under 1st post, 7th post, 15th post, and 25the post.
It means that you will get 4x views when you only purchase this campaign.

Price: $100 7days , $300 30days.

We don't accept adult, drugs,guns and unrelated cryto-currency advertisings.

How to withdraw my satoshi ?
1. Now we only support faucethub wallet as payment option, if you don't have it, register an account here: http://faucethubio

2. Click "Store" , fill up your faucethub wallet address, then we will send payments to your account. Please check the Reserve , if it is Zero, it means that it is not available for withdrawal.
We will refill it within 24hours, just be patient.

3.The payment is always instant usually. If they are pending, please be patient with it within 48hours.

4. If you find your payment status is Closed, it means that we cannot send it to your faucethub address, but it is refund to your coinpole account. Just check your faucethub address and try to redeem again. (If it is not refund, contact to support@coinpole.com)


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