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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Cash Robot newest version

Did Cash Robot release their newest version?
Or it is only a copy paste project to get the attention of bitcoin users earned using Telegram.
Because in this version you don't need any payment points required to withdraw unlike before.
Referral bonus is doubled than its original version from 50 💎 to 100 💎 per referral.
Also, investment is optional, sounds good to all users looking for free to earn a penny.
Purchase bonus +100% - any purchase available to 2017-10-22.
For statistics, the total players are ±5.7k.
If you want to get involved, register @ Cash Robot newest version...?

 Cash Robot

Read here for original version of Cash Robot and their information.

Download Telegram @ https://telegram.org/ and back to this site for the guide.

Your guide will be available by: following this step by step guide

Robot Cash - Register http://t.me/CashRobotsBot?start=qXGpUOCS

Dino Park Game - Register http://t.me/DinoParkBot?start=333910667

Magic Bitcoin Farm- Register @ http://t.me/mfarm_bot?start=333910667

Pirate Bay Game - Register https://t.me/pirate_bay_game_bot?start=mB3pV

Cash Zoobot - Register http://t.me/cashzoobot?start=333910667

Farm Magic - Register http://t.me/farmmagic_bot?start=333910667

Get Gems Register Get Gems

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