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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Dino Park Game 2.0

Dino Park Game is now upgrading to a newer version some menu are disable such as games,
bonuses and extra menu or withdrawal option.
New version or Dino Park Game 2.0 will be available after technical works are done.
Don't worry for your deposits, they already fixed balances issues and waiting for start of new version.

 How to start playing?

1. Hire the Dinosaurs, they will obtain 💎 the diamonds!
2. Diamonds will be collected, absorb it!
3. Sell 💎 the diamonds and earn 💰.
4. Exchange 💰 for real money or hire more robots to raise income.
5. Invite friends and get 30% of their deposits!

Payment points

Payment  points calculate the withdrawal sum.
1 payment point = 0.00001 BTC. For withdrawal 1 BTC you need  1 000 000 payment points
 on your account.

Payment points are credited by:
- Replenishment. You obtain +45% of the replenishment sum.
- 1st level referral replenishment, you get  35% as the bonus
- 2nd  level referral replenishment, you get  12% as the bonus
- 3rd level referral replenishment, you get  6% as the bonus
-  Replenishment of the account by any player 10% - the replenishment sum is divided between all the players who were active during 24 hours

You can buy referals in DinoParkBot!
Just use the button "👥 Buy referrals"!
You can buy new referrals with discount in @DinoParkBot!

Price for 1 referral: 1000 💰 + 400 ⚜ (~0.0009 BTC)
Price for 10 referrals: 9000 💰 + 3750 ⚜ (~0.0085 BTC)
Price for 50 referrals: 40000 💰 + 17500 ⚜ (~0.039 BTC)

Frequent questions and answers to them:
Q: If the payment points end, can’t I order payoff?
A: Payment points are credited even if you have no referrals: by  every replenishment of the account,  by any player 10% of the replenishment sum is divided between all the players who were active during 24 hours

Q: Active referral – who is it?
A: Active referral is a user who has replenished the account or who has replenished referrals.

Most players feel no need in points after inviting 5-7 active referrals.

DinoParkBot doesn't have any relationships with robotcashbot administration, 
and never had it in past. We don't know developers team of this bot, and we have no information about robotcash at all. 
Please, don't request us any info about problems or any support of robotcash. 
We support ONLY @dinoparkbot and nothing more. 
Our games are similar, but we are not the same things. 

Be careful! @dinoparksupport is fake. 
It is not have any relationships with our bot and our team.

PS: Users who used "spam bonus" trick will be blocked or their balances will be decreased. Players who used other types of cheating too.

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