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Monday, August 14, 2017

Robot Cash at Telegram

Let's play and earn real money @RobotCashBot via Telegram application.
Telegram is a messaging app with a focus on speed and security, it’s super-fast, simple and free.
@RobotCashBot you can earn bitcoin with or without investment involve but i suggest to invest for faster earnings. Receive daily bonus and invites friends also can give you additional profits.

To start with Robot Cash bot first you must create a Telegram account by downloading application
on your smartphone or desktop by visiting this link https://telegram.org/, and get verified with your mobile number.

After verification you can now register at this link @RobotCashBot

 Register here
receive 30 diamonds

Follow the instruction on your smartphone or desktop computer.
You will receive 300 diamonds plus daily bonus randomly from 10-100 diamonds.
Your 300 diamonds can hire 3 Robot Cash Unit v0.01 that can obtain 7 energy per hour which you can sell or exchange real money. Every robot type has individual characteristics and gets different amount of energy. You can hire as much units, as you wish!
Your robots don't getting tired and they will obtain the energy 24 hours!


Hire - You can hire different robots here.
Hangar - is the place where your robots produce the energy.
Shop - You can sell your energy from storage and receive diamonds, which can be exchanged for real money.
Invite Friends - Receive 50 diamonds as a bonus and 30% from every deposit of your friend.
                           Your income is unlimited.
Bonus - Receive randomly from 10-100 diamonds every 24 hours.
Roulette - You can use the roulette once in 10 minutes, but you can make as many bets as you wish!
Add Diamonds - Invest / Deposit bitcoin and receive additional 100% of any purchase RC unit.
Extra - Contained Statistics, Exchange, Payments, Competitions,Settings.

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