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Monday, August 21, 2017

Contract Miner BETA

Contract Miner BETA is a Virtual Mining Faucet, you can create & upgrade your very own bitcoin farm. You'll about to start with 500 MHs for FREE, and you can create 5 minutes contracts.
Once your contract has end, just claim your earnings (satoshis & exp) and create a new one.
MORE MHs for free from the MHs faucet and based on your claims you'll about to earn some EXP points, based on your EXP you can upgrade your level and based on your level you can claim even more Free MHs.
Claim more MHs every 30 minutes by clicking the MHs Faucet,
your MHs will increase every claim every 30 minutes.

Click Get Paid, and answer the captcha code
and sample result....
 Success, You have been paid for your contract. You contracted 503 Mh/s, earned 2.75 satoshi and gained 0.0077 exp.
Estimated claim based on 

Once your contract has end, just claim your earnings and create a new one, 
every 30 minutes also you can claim.

 You can also earn additional satoshis by viewing advertiser ads.

 Other features are chat menu and live feed

Here is the overview of your account setting:

Settings Overview, here you can find and setup your Account Settings.
Create a personal PIN and connect your FaucetHub.io address or your Xapo email.
Make sure to make a code of your pin code and store it in a safe place.

Complete tasks and get rewarded.                                                                                                                                              
Reach 2000 Mh/s mining power
Reward: 125 satoshi

Claim 50 Mh/s from the miners faucet
Reward: 175 satoshi

Reach 75 mining contracts.
Reward: 100 satoshi

Refer 10 members to Contract-Miner
Reward: 350 satoshi

Reach level 3
Reward: 150 satoshi

Withdraw contract earnings:
Instant withdrawals from only "1 SATOSHI" directly to your FaucetHub account.
Make sure all your addresses are correct otherwise withdrawal will be declined!
View and update your details in the settings overview manage.

Earn extra EXP for leveling when you withdraw.
Current EXP rates;
{payout} <= 100 = 0.0001 EXP
{payout} <= 1000 = 0.0005 EXP
{payout} <= 2500 = 0.001 EXP

You will gain 10% referral commission each time your referral makes a withdrawal.
This is added to your bitcoin balance.

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