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Friday, July 21, 2017

How to earn and withdraw at Coinpole

CoinPole is a bitcoin earning community where you could earn a huge free bitcoin.
All earnings support FaucetHub.io and it is fast withdrawals.

Create an account 1000 satoshi welcome bonus credited.

Claim     120 satoshi every 5 minutes
Affiliate    10 satoshi for referral claims
Post         25 satoshi cost
Reply         5 satoshi cost

In order for you to withdraw, you must have at least 5000 satoshi,  redeem it through the menu store.
You must create your FaucetHub.io account and link your wallet address.

                                                      Click here to create FaucetHub.io

Because in the smartphone there is no menu "STORE" then you who have reached the minimum withdraw limit, can access it via link >>> /store.php click the redeem button to withdraw.

coinpole earnings

Extra information
To be able to make the withdrawal, there must be reservations available (RESERVE), there must be more than 0 otherwise the withdrawal can not be made.

Posting basic rules.
1. Any referral link and spam messages
2. Meaningless and irrelevant contents,e.g(hello, every one)(I want to claim 100K satoshis here),( where are your from?) etc..
3. Payment proof or question about coinpole faucet, if you have issue with it,
add your comment to /t.php?id=607 or send PM to CoinPole
Once your post deleted by us, we will deduct 50 - 100 satoshi

Added new feature - Now you could record something in a thread continuously.
If you are a miner and you want to record daily earning, you can update your post at any time.
Of course, you also could share anything related bitcoin you want.

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